Liquid Granite FAQ

What is Liquid Granite?

Liquid granite (or) stone coating is a kind of paint decorative effect resembles marble, granite. It is one type of waterborne environmental paint, it is a decorative wall paint with natural color, impressing people with elegant, harmonious, solemn beauty. Suitable for all types of buildings in the indoor and outdoor decoration.

We have over 80 different color/coatings to pick from, all with the granite, marble and stone look for your Exteriors Walls, Interior Walls, Hallways, Foyers and much more! 

Product Features:

(1) The effect of natural stone
(2) Sintered ceramic sand, never fade
(3) Natural and abundant color
(4) Uniform particles colored stone
(5) Strong adhesion
(6) Excellent durability
(7) Excellent stain resistance
(8) Seal cracks and flaws
(9) Simple construction, batch construction

Application scopes:

It’s suitable for villa, hotel, entertainment, commercial club, fibre cement board, cylindrical, gypsum decorative line, and all kinds of partition boards.

Liquid granite gives you perfect decorative effect:

The surface can be made into a variety of different textures like brick, stone, mosaic, (wood) grain etc. A variety of colors and patterns can meet the requirements of different architectural style.


Q: Can you make different colors?
A: Yes. We can customize over 1000 kinds of colors, plz refer to our color card to pick up which is your favourite.

Q: Can we see a sample?

A: Yes, we will provide a sample.

Q: How to prepare a wall for liquid granite application?

A: Wall putty has to be applied to walls before liquid granite can be applied.

Q: What is the price per square foot?

A: Rs. 110 per square feet (labour + material).

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