Delivery Charges

Shipping/Delivery Charges

Local Delivery/One Day Delivery (Imphal Area Only): Rs. 50
Note: Local delivery can sometimes be delayed due to unforeseen event such as general strike, heavy rain etc.

Outside Manipur (All India):
Minimum Delivery Charge Rs.90 (Weight upto 500 GM)
Additional Rs. 80 per every extra 500 gram

Note: For outside Manipur orders, due to uncertainty under lockdown regarding post and courier services, delivery may take anywhere between 2 to 3 weeks. We are working diligently to fulfill all your orders.

Australia (Entire Country):
Minimum Delivery Charge Rs.947 (INR) (Weight upto 500 GM)
Additional Rs.860 (INR) per every extra 500 gram

Canada (Entire Country):
Minimum Delivery Charge Rs.1097 (INR) (Weight upto 500 GM)
Additional Rs.980 (INR) per every extra 500 gram

Germany (Entire Country):
Minimum Delivery Charge Rs.897 (INR) (Weight upto 500 GM)
Additional Rs.815 (INR) per every extra 500 gram

Japan (Entire Country):
Minimum Delivery Charge Rs.556 (INR) (Weight upto 500 GM)
Additional Rs.505 (INR) per every extra 500 gram

Malaysia (Entire Country):
Minimum Delivery Charge Rs.930 (INR) (Weight upto 500 GM)
Additional Rs.845 (INR) per every extra 500 gram

Singapore (Entire Country):
Minimum Delivery Charge Rs.820 (INR) (Weight upto 500 GM)
Additional Rs.745 (INR) per every extra 500 gram

Thailand (52 of 78 Provinces available); enter your address to check if your area is serviceable:
Minimum Delivery Charge Rs.632 (INR) (Weight upto 500 GM)
Additional Rs.575 (INR) per every extra 500 gram

USA (Entire Country):
Minimum Delivery Charge Rs.1298 (INR) (Weight upto 500 GM)
Additional Rs.1180 (INR) per every extra 500 gram

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