Cancellation, Return & Refund Policy

Cancellation Policy:

  • You may cancel your order within 24 hours of placement for a full refund. Alternatively, if your order has not been packed when you request cancellation, you will also be eligible for a full refund.
  • If you choose to cancel your order after it has been packed and scheduled for shipping but before dispatch, a cancellation fee of ₹200 will be deducted, and the remaining amount will be refunded.
  • If you decide to cancel your order after it has been dispatched or if a shipment is returned to its origin due to inaccurate or insufficient address or contact details, the shipping charges are non-refundable.
  • We will deduct the applicable amount for damaged product(s) only if we receive the returned product in a damaged or bad condition. This deduction is made for safety reasons, as damaged products will be discarded and will not be sold to another customer.
  • Once the package has reached our facility, if there is any deduction, we will provide an explanation about the deduction and initiate a refund of the remaining amount.
  • Contact us anytime for cancellations after order placement.

We charge a cancellation fee because our shipping and packaging partner is putting in extra effort during these challenging times. They ensure all orders are collected and packed, making them ready for dispatch immediately. They ensure that once an order reaches their facility, it's prioritized for the next shipment. Our shipping partner's effort is always compensated. Therefore, a cancellation fee is applicable if you opt to cancel your order after it's been packed and scheduled for shipping.

Refund Policy for Non-Delivery and Lost Shipments:

  • We strive to ensure the prompt and efficient delivery of your orders. If you encounter any issues with the delivery of your order, we kindly request that you bring it to our attention within 20 days from the date of dispatch.
  • We cannot accept non-delivery reports or provide compensation for lost or damaged shipments beyond 20 days from the date of dispatch.
  • We strongly encourage you to promptly report any issues, so that we may assist you in resolving the matter in a timely and satisfactory manner.

The establishment of this timeframe for claims is essential due to operational considerations. For instance, when an order is returned to origin (RTO) and reaches the courier's facility but are not delivered to us. In these cases, we must initiate an inquiry and retrieve the package. If we do not receive notification of non-delivery, we remain unaware of the return status, potentially resulting in the loss of the package or damage to its contents. Your timely communication enables us to prevent such circumstances.

Return, Exchange, Replacement Policy:

  • We will only accept returns, facilitate exchanges or replacements for products that are damaged at the time of delivery or have a manufacturing defect.
  • Any other requests for returns, exchanges or replacements will not be entertained.

Non-Delivery or Non-Serviceable Areas Cancellation Policy:

  • Orders may be automatically cancelled, and the paid amount refunded, with or without prior notice, if the delivery area is non-serviceable. Notifications will be sent via email.

Refund Timeline:

The estimated timeline for the refund amount to be credited to your account varies based on the payment method used for the original transaction:

  • Online Payment via Credit / Debit Cards: 3-5 business days
  • Net Banking: 7-10 business days
  • UPI: 5-7 business days
  • Paytm & other E-wallets: 1-2 business days
  • NEFT (Bank Refund): 5-7 business days
  • These estimates are subject to the policies of your financial institution.

For inquiries or assistance, please Contact us.